Ticinum Aerospace srl provides reliable, customer-oriented solutions taking advantage of machine learning techniques and heterogeneous remote sensing datasets, with the final aim of cutting the costs of uncertainties offering innovative services based on Earth observation and other geospatial data to companies in the risk estimation business and beyond.


Analysis, processing and fusion of Earth Observation and other geospatial datasets for various types of applications, especially in the field of risk and exposure assessment.

  • Street-Level image analysis named CountFloors that allows very fast, large-scale analysis of urban environment for many different application fields, such as risk management and real estate services.
  • SAR data analysis for emergency management
  • Image-Object detection and Classification in spaceborne data
  • Crop Monitoring and (Quality) prediction
  • Food and Earth-Observation Science: the use of remotely sensed data from space, and in-situ environmental data are very powerful in agriculture. Crop monitoring can help in timely alerting about and in tackling effectively possible diseases appearing in their fields.
  • Passive and Active Crowdsourcing


Gianni Cristian Iannelli, CEO; Daniele De Vecchi, CTO; Daniel Aurelio Galeazzo, Developer; Gianni Lisini, HW specialist; Fabio Dell’Acqua, CSO;

Matteo Allais, Pricing Manager; Gianpaolo Paglia, Advisor.


Fabio Dell’Acqua

Phone: +39 0382 1726539; +39 0382 559942

E-mail: info@ticinumaerospace.com

Website: https://www.ticinumaerospace.com/



EcateS srl is a young and new reality in the field of aerial and terrestrial surveys for the geological, naturalistic, agricultural and cultural heritage sectors. The company has UAV for aerial surveying and different solutions for terrestrial surveyng couple with RGB and multispectral sensors, GPS and georadar.


The sectors in which Ecates is active are geology, cultural heritage and agricolture. The main activities are:

  • aerial (UAV technology) and terrestrial photogrammetry;
  • geological surveying of areas, rockwalls, landslides, quarry and production of 2D and 3D maps and models;
  • Identification and characterization of archeological sites, soil study and stratigraphic analysis;
  • Production of 3D models of archeological artifact, fossils and hystorical bilding;
  • Precision farming services, production of maps indexes;
  • GIS and BIMM/CAD analysis.


Matteo Crozi, Sergio Martini, Luisa Pellegrini, Ceare Perotti, Francesco Zucca


Matteo Crozi

Phone: +39 0382 98 58 38

E-mail: info@ecates-italia.com

Website: https://www.ecates-italia.com/

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