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U4I Foundation – University for Innovation is committed to developing and spreading the culture of innovation. In order to know and analyze trends and macro-trends, legal transformations affecting technological development, political and legislative orientations,U4I Foundation stimulates the organization of specific Observatories. These are working groups that, thanks to the participation and involvement of researchers, academics and experts, offer quality and always up-to-date points of view on relevant changes and characteristics of the innovation market.

U4I Observatories include professionals from different sectors, CEOs and executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, patent, trademark and IPR attorneys, representatives of public institutions, consultants and professional technology brokers.

The Observatories represent a place for meeting and exchanging ideas on the reality of innovation. Together with companies , researchers and professors coming from partner universities can provide their contribution to the Observatories as well.

Staying up-to-date with the latest news allows you to propose solutions that can effectively address current or future needs.  


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