Who we are


Since 2017, we have been the strategic partner of the three universities in technology transfer activities, a bridge between research and the market.

By promoting and encouraging research and development of innovative products, processes and services, selected from the IPF Innovation Project Fund calls, we facilitate the encounter between university research, business and the market: the proposals that best meet the needs of the market are transformed into successful products and investments.


There is no progress without innovation.
  • We select and promote innovations from partner universities (Bergamo, Milano- Bicocca, Pavia) and provide researchers with the skills, connections and support needed to develop, protect and bring them to market.
  • We support companies so that they can take full and timely advantage of the most promising innovations that can facilitate economic growth and create new jobs.
  • We offer valuable investment opportunities for funds, business angels, venture capital.
  • We disseminate the culture of innovation in society.
We are innovators.

We believe in the women and men who do research in our institutions. We work to unleash the power of innovation.

We want to contribute to the progress of our society by promoting sustainable and responsible development.

We facilitate the development of the culture of lively entrepreneurship that understands the value of contamination between disciplines, knowledge and people.

Innovation happens when an invention is transformed into a result and generates value for everyone: people, businesses, territories.




Prof. Sergio Cavalieri


University of Bergamo
Prof.ssa Giovanna Iannantuoni


University of Milan - Bicocca
Prof. Francesco Svelto


University of Pavia
Prof. Giuseppe Rosace

Rector's Delegate for Technology Transfer, Spin Offs and Relations with Fondazione U4I

University of Bergamo
Prof. Francesco Peri

Rector's Delegate for Fondazione U4I

University of Milan - Bicocca
Managing Director
Prof. Hermes Gilberti

Rector's Delegate for Technology Transfer

University of Pavia
Tommaso Abbattista

Technical Director Fondazione U4I

A Commission of Experts in an advisory capacity supports the U4I Foundation Board of Directors regarding long-term strategies. The Commission is not an academic body and is composed of CEOs and executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, specialized attorneys and experts in patents, trademark registration and intellectual property rights, as well as representatives of regional institutions, consultants and professional technology brokers.


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