IPF 2019/I winners: I-TEX, a water-repellent treatment with low environmental impact (University of Bergamo).

I-TEX is an innovative treatment for textile materials for technical use realized through the application of organic-inorganic ceramic coating with water-repellent, fluorine-free and formaldehyde-free properties. The creator is Giuseppe Rosace, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences of the University of Bergamo who, together with his research team, is among the winners of the IPF 2019 call.

The story of this product starts from an increasing attention to the environmental impact of industrial production, especially in the textile sector. It then passes through the birth of the spin-off ArgoChem of the University of Bergamo and continues with the allocation of IPF funds by the U4I Foundation: the project presented was also valid due to its possible application in other sectors not exclusively textile (paper, plastic, wood) and the high level of quality guaranteed.

IPF 2018/Winners: ITS Injection Tube System consolidates soils prior to deep excavation (University of Milan – Bicocca).

Riccardo Castellanza, associate professor in Geotechnical Engineering in the Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences (DISAT) with the project ITS – Injection Tube System is awarded the first IPF call in 2018.

ITS – Injection Tube System is able to simulate the treatment of soil in a laboratory environment: this allows to find the best mixture and parameters to optimize the consolidation of soils before an excavation.

ITS’s working method involves replicating injections of cementitious mixture into the soil, then pressure, forward velocity, and radius of penetration of the mixture are analyzed. Soil changes before, during, and after treatment are then observed. By performing these steps in the laboratory, the process reduces the cost and risk of a field operation.

Born as a spin-off of the University of Milano-Bicocca, ITS was activated by an industrial doctorate and then distinguished itself by arousing interest also at an international level.

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