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New device for hair and eyelash valuation

New device for hair and eyelash valuation


A system for the evaluation of vital or reconstituted tissues, in particular cutaneous appendages such as hair or eyelashes, comprising:

A source of electromagnetic radiation of the sample;

An image acquisition device used to receive reflected and / or dispersed radiation or fluorescence radiation emitted by the sample;

An image processing unit for classifying the tissue under examination by comparing the value of the samples according the following parameters: gloss, size, color intensity, contour.


Illumination of the sample (both in vivo and in vitro) and acquisition of digital images. Specific parameters can be measured through a software elaboration by correlation of the different images. The present device relates to the quali-quantitative study of the surface characteristics and, indirectly, of structural pro-perties of filaments, like hair or eyelashes.


  • Use Friendly
  • Real-time data processing
  • Easy to carry
  • Cost convenience
  • Combination of ease-of-use with quali-quantitative data assessment, both in vitro and in vivo
  • Development of valid and repeatable evaluation protocols


  • Effective assessments of ingredients and cosmetic formulations, medical devices and pharmaceutical preparations for hair and eyelashes
  • Applications in professional salons (customer loyalty, app development)


Paola Perugini, Giorgio Musitelli



Image analysis, Natural/synthetic fibers, Cutaneous appendages, Superficial properties




Università di Pavia (100%)

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